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Social Policy Applications In Municipalities and Pendik Municipality Sample

In the first part of the article, what do social policy and local government mean and history of them are described. In the second part of the article, local government and its duty in law have been examined. In the third part of the article, the relation between the municipality and social policy has been… Read More »

HAK-İŞ Uluslararası Emek ve Toplum Dergisi Makale Yayını- Sayı 6

HAK-İŞ Uluslararası Emek ve Toplum Dergisi’nde (Doç. Dr. Ersin KAVİ ile birlikte) “Sosyal Politika Aktörü Olarak Sosyal Girişimci Belediyecilik”  (SOCIAL ENTREPERENEUR MUNICIPALITY AS A SOCIAL POLICY ACTOR) Konulu Makale Yayınlanmıştır.